Why Should Kids Play With A Toy Vacuum?

Every other parent is looking for a Dyson ball vacuum by Casdon. And we know why? If you are also seeking a toy vacuum for your child, then this is a unique option. For your better understanding of the product, we are reviewing it here. Read on to know more about the Casdon vacuum, and then you will understand why its touted as one of the best toys for kids.

A solid replica of the original Dyson vacuum, the toy cleaner comes in two parts; the main body and its wand. You have to attach them with the confirmation of a click sound. There are colored balls inside its transparent canister that whips around while the vacuum is in action.

To make it even more real, kids will also hear a vacuum-like sound while playing with this toy cleaner. The best features of the toy, it draws small dust and debris just like a real Dyson vacuum, but with colorful waste. It may not be active, but the toy also has a removable dust catcher.

At 1.76 pounds, the toy vacuum is lightweight and easy to push, so any of your kids above three years of age can play with it. Casdon toy has two buttons: one at its back that controls suction and another on the top to activate the bead swirling. Due to actual sounds and suction power, the toy vacuum demands more energy and requires 4 XC batteries.

The Verdict

As the toy vacuum is easy to push like the original version, your kids can use all its twists and turns to move around the house. The toy stands on its own once you put both the parts together.

However, the height of 25 inches (63 cm) is something that should not be left unattended in the middle of the kid’s room. And you also have to take care of the storage, because once attached you cannot disassemble the toy.

Why Should Kids Play With A Toy Vacuum?

Toys that give ideas about practical tasks are beneficial for the mental development of kids. Not only subjective development but such toys also enhance communication and social skills.

Whenever your child comes out to play with the toy vacuum, he or she will ask about its functionalities from you or other family members. It will make them learn new words and enhance their communication abilities.

  1. Kids have friends. It makes them learn about sharing, let your child share the toy with other kids. They will not only enjoy but also learn the benefits of sharing.
  2. A toy vacuum, it’s sound, and features are enough to keep the boy or girl engaged for a long time. In the meanwhile, you can prepare dinner or finish some other essential works.
  3. Playing with a toy vacuum with realistic features will help them to learn a life skill. They will spend time drawing some dust and knowing the functions of a vacuum cleaner. It’s better than watching television or playing video games for endless hours.
  4. A toy vacuum is a small investment. It’s an educational as well as entertaining play cleaner that also educates the kids.
  5. Some of the kids are scared of vacuum cleaners. It’s best to give them a positive experience through a toy vacuum.
  6. Using a toy vacuum, you can teach kids to be helpful. They would love to emulate you, and it will not be a big deal to make them learn anything while they play with a toy cleaner.

Why Should You Purchase The Casdon Dyson Toy vacuum?

Now you know everything about the Casdon Dyson toy vacuum and why you should consider buying a toy cleaner. But, why you should think Cason toy on top? It’s a different question altogether. We have some points that might attract you towards the Dyson replica.

  • Casdon toy has real suction power. You will have an excellent explanation for the same that will make your kids learn about the vacuum functions. Let them about the airflow and how a vacuum cleaner inhales it with the dust particles. Add a story to keep them entertained.
  • It’s a replica of the original Dyson, so they will not be able to make out the differences. Kids will never think that you are tricking them by giving a non-functional toy.
  • The toy is lightweight and stands on its own. So, it will never fall on them, causing even minor injuries. Safe for your boy or girl. However, your child should be at least three years old to play with a vacuum toy.
  • The transparent container of this toy with swirling beads is not only attractive but also explains Dyson cyclone technology.
  • This toy vacuum emulates the real Dyson in terms of twist, turns, and other movements. Going through the obstacles, under the furniture will not only keep them entertained, but it will also develop their mental ability to deal with real-life problems in life and how to avoid them.
  • Casdon gives a real vacuum sound to this toy. And there is also a dust canister that can be emptied. So, they will experience all about a vacuum cleaner, including its sound, functionality, and features.

Parting Thoughts

Its isn’t a Barbie, nor the latest PS4, but Casdon toy is unique and special in its ways. We reviewed this product because our experts believe that your child will find it entertaining. Your girl will never cry for the original Dyson while you do the housecleaning. Moreover, the toy will be helpful in her mental and social development.

If you have made the mind to purchase a Cason toy vacuum, its available from the Amazon website. It’s available in three attractive color combinations: Grey/pink, grey/purple, and grey/yellow. So, choose according to the choice of your kids. if you want to know more about Casdon toys and their upcoming products, check their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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