How To Clean Wet Carpet

What will your reaction be if you wake up one morning and find out that your bathtub has leaked or your sink has overflowed, and somehow water found its way to your carpet?

Well, one thing you definitely shouldn’t do is panic. Instead, you need to take quick action to clean your wet carpet.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, here is a step by step guide on how to clean a wet carpet that you’ll find very helpful.

Step 1: The number one step is to decide whether you can clean your soaked carpet by yourself or need some serious help from a professional. If it’s just a small water accident, you can probably handle it yourself.

However, if it’s a large spillage and you don’t have fans or wet and dry vac, then you might want to request a professional’s help as quickly as possible. Remember that wet carpets and pads can cause mold and mildew problems. You will be able to prevent these problems if you swing into action fast enough.

Step 2: Take all wet rugs and wet items outside. You can remove your carpet and take it outside if it is not glued down. Once outside, lay it out on your patio or driveway so that it’ll dry up. The carpet needs airing, water removal and odor control. Before you make any attempt to bring it back in, make sure that the rug is well dried.

Step 3: Turn on your fans and open all windows immediately you notice that your carpet is damp. Position your standing fans towards the direction of the wet carpet area and switch the ceiling fans on too. Your air conditioner also will help so do well to turn it on. If you can, rent large fans that are made specifically for carpet drying from professional carpet cleaners or a local rental shop. Don’t turn the fan off until your carpet is completely dry.

Step 4: Suck up moisture from your carpet using a wet vacuum if you own one. Also, you can use a carpet shampoo machine to extract water from your damp carpet without adding water. If you are not sure which vacuums are good for the carpet you may check this list of carpet vacuums.

Step 5: If only a small part of your carpet is wet, Use heavy towels to suck out water from the damp area. To do this, spread the towel on the wet spot, then step on it to extract water. Replace the towel when it is fully saturated.

Step 6: Examine your carpet pad. If you notice that it is exceptionally soaked and spongy remove and replace it immediately. A waterlogged pad will be very weighty and difficult to lift, so you might need to cut it into smaller pieces for easy manageability.

Step 7: The final step is to clean your bare floor using a bleach and water solution. This is to stop any mold growth. You’ll need to wait a while for your floor to become dry before putting your carpet back in position.


The next time you’re stuck with a wet carpet, take a deep breath and apply all the steps given here. You will be surprised at how much wonders they’ll work.

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