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How To Choose A Rain Shower Head

How To Choose A Rain Shower Head

Are you eager to replace your shower head but don’t know which one to choose? You can try the rain shower head because it gives you a comfortable shower area and an immersive feel. The water coverage depends upon the shower head’s width. In general, the rain showerheads are available in a size of six inches and above. There are several models that give you a constant water flow without wasting it.

How To Choose A Rain Shower Head?

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Browse Amazon and you will see the rain showerheads available in abundance, but you need to choose a model that should suit your bathing area and requirements. So, before purchasing one of these fixtures, consider some of the factors.

Installation type: Before starting your search, you should imagine the shower coming towards your body. How would you like? From the ceiling or the wall? If you are replacing a wall-mountable or ceiling mountable shower head, then you have to follow the same installation type. However, if you are modifying your bathroom area, then you can look for other options.

Required water pressure: You should understand two terms: coverage and pressure. The area a showerhead covers with its spray is referred to as its coverage. How strong you are feeling that water flow is called pressure. It’s not always necessary, but a rain shower head with wide coverage offers low water pressure. So, you should understand what you need and choose an option accordingly.

Efficiency: There are plenty of rain showerheads available in the market that are proven to save water up to some extent. If you purchase a shower head that consumes or wastes extra water, then you will end up paying extra utility bills.

Price: Rain shower heads are available in multiple price ranges. Choosing a budget will help you filter unnecessary options, and you will be able to choose a suitable showerhead.

What Are The Types Of Rain Shower Heads?

Single function: If you like the rainfall in its pure form then stick to a single setting rain shower head. It will not allow you to change the spray mode or water pressure.

Multi-function: Settings makes a showerhead modern. But, levels of water spray or modes that can change the water flow are only available in handheld and wall mountable rain showerheads.

Shower combo: Several rain shower heads are available with a handheld included. You can try them if you need an entire shower system. Keep in mind that these shower systems are comparatively expensive than standalone showerheads.

All the rain shower heads come with the installation instructions included. You simply have to follow them and the process will be easy.

What Are The Benefits Of A Rain Shower Head?

What Are The Benefits Of A Rain Shower Head

There are multiple advantages of installing a rain shower head in your bathroom.

Relaxing shower: The first and foremost benefit of a rain shower head is its relaxing water flow that mimics real rainfall. It immerses your body instantly without much movement, especially if the showerhead has significant coverage of at least 8 inches.

Water-conserving: As we stated earlier that many rain showerheads are experts in saving the precious liquid. If you are an environment enthusiast, you will be impressed by this fact.

Add some style: A rain shower head brings elegance to your bathroom and enhances it aesthetically. So, if you are remodeling the bathing area, then you can try one of these fixtures that gather lots of compliments from your family and friends.

Is A Rain Shower Head Worth My Investment?

If you want to enjoy a relaxing shower after all day’s work, then yes a rain shower is worth your money. A high-quality showerhead can take all your stress away within a few minutes so that you can enjoy some “free” time with your family. Suppose you want to try a multi-functional spray head, then it will also give you the option to change the water flow according to your mood.

The rain shower heads are durable because of their construction that consists of stainless steel, brass, or ABS; depending upon the make and model. So, if you want an upgraded shower feel and features, then you can try one of the best rain showerheads.


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