20 Mar

Mattress Intended To Be Used Without A Foundation

The question of whether it is advisable to put a new mattress on the floor without a box spring or bed foundation has always been a frequent question in past times. In reality, what you decide to do or not with your mattress depends on you.


However, one vital factor to note before putting your just purchased mattress on the floor or anywhere else is the manufacturer and retailer’s warranty of such product. Notwithstanding, let’s talk about how mattress intended to be used without a foundation can affect it.


It is quite imperative for mattresses to be open to air when they are not being used or during sleeping hours because mattresses can be predisposed to the night’s moist air or basically warmth.


Unless you allow breathing space between the floor and your bed, you can predispose the mattress to moisture from beneath and heat from above thereby creating the best avenue for mildew and mold to grow under or around your mattress. It is essential to note that quite many health problems nowadays are caused by molds.


Even though positioning your mattress on the floor may not only seem cool but could also make your space more fashionable, but it’s instead not an advisable thing to do because of the ruin it can cause to your mattress and the possible health conditions that can occur because of mold’s growth.


So what’s the solution? In this post, a few answers will be provided that can make your space to not only look modest and fashionable but also grant your mattress a longer lifespan.


Get your Bed a Metal Foundation

Although using metal frames for beds is an exemplary ancient practice, they are considered to be very useful and can also make your mattress durable. Using metal frames for your bed is a refined way of giving your mattress the kind of support it needs.


This metal frame would serve not only as a foundation for your bed but would also provide you with an additional space beneath your bed that you can keep things.


Everyone knows that extra space for storage is always desired. Another advantage of using a metal frame for your bed foundation is that you don’t have to worry about its durability.


Get your Mattress a Platform Foundation

If you just got a new bed and you don’t want to get a metal frame for its foundation, you can get a platform one. If you are also considering refraining from the box spring, a platform bed foundation will be a perfect choice.


Get your Mattress a Platform Foundation


The fascinating thing about platform mattresses is that they do not need a box spring to stay well because the bed rests directly on the platform foundation. The platform frame possesses slats of wood that gives it all the compulsory breathability and support it might need for the bed.


Another reason why you should consider trying to get this type of foundation is that it doesn’t take much space and also can give your area a more unique and stylish look.


The only disadvantage of choosing a platform bed is that it is often difficult to find the perfect match of platform foundation for your 10 inch memory foam mattress, but asking your retailer for ideas can help you get one that will perfectly fit your bed and space.


Find an adjustable foundation for your bed

Even if you work for long hours, have back pain or just like relaxing, an adjustable bed can absolutely be the perfect choice for you. An adjustable bed will always adapt to your different needs.


Find an adjustable foundation for your bed


For example, if you want to finish up some work from the office on your bed, the adjustable bed will adapt to that need, and even if it’s you needing comfort from back pain, it will definitely adjust to that need to. If you also enjoy seeing movies in bed, the adjustable is there to prove its versatility.


Also, it is interesting to know that some adjustable bed frames come with massagers that can give you that desired relaxation. All adjustable beds vary in the kind of comfort that they can provide to you, so be sure to test them before making a purchase.


Choose what works for you

Although there are many options for positioning mattresses in the bedroom all these options depend on your choice of sleeping positions.


This means that your decision of whether you should buy a tri fold mattress or a platform foundation relies on how you like your bed to feel when you sleep on it.


Even though finding the perfect foundation for your bed may often turn out to be difficult, you should try to visit bed stores and check online for reviews that can help you in getting the perfect bed foundation.

13 Mar
How To Change A Table Saw Blade

How To Change A Table Saw Blade

The table saw is one of the essential tools a carpenter needs for his woodwork projects. It is used not just at building work sites but also at home workspaces.

For a carpenter or anyone who uses a table saw to work efficiently and effectively, he must know how to change the saw blade when necessary.

So we shall be dashing through the materials needed and the steps involved in changing saw blades.


Materials Needed

To change the table saw blades, there are a few materials that are needed. They are;


  1. A new table saw blade (the type of blade gotten would depend on the project to be done)
  2. A small block of wood
  3. A screwdriver
  4. An Allen or Hex wrench(or key)


Steps To Change the Blade

  • Be Sure To Turn the Power Off


Before you do anything, it is necessary that the power is turned off. This is to ensure your safety from the blade. Turning off the switch might not be satisfactory as mistakes can happen and cause irreversible accidents. Unplugging the saw from the wall socket would be safer.


  • Take Off the Blade Guard


Once you have switched off the power, the next step is to locate the blade guard. This is usually the plate of metal located at the top surface of the table saw. The location of the guard is universal and uniform across most types of table saws.

The blade guard is usually kept in place with two screws, which are located at both sides of the saw, that is, the front and the back. Once they are found, the screws should be loosened, and then the guard/plate should be removed.


  • Remove the Blade


To remove the blade, you would have to move it to its highest position. Next, you should use the block of wood to support the blade to prevent it from falling off. Using the wrench, take off the nut and washer. The nut is removed by rotating the nut in the counter-clockwise reaction. Then take off the blade and keep aside.


  • Install the new blade


Once the old blade has been removed, you can now fasten the new blade. To do this, ensure that the teeth of the blade to be fixed face the front of the saw. Then rotate the nut in a clockwise direction making use of the wrench.


  • Reinstall the Blade Guards


After the new blade has been installed, you have to reinstall the blade guards and ensure they are appropriately fastened to the blade to help keep it intact and in place.


  • Reconnect the Power


Remember we started this whole process by switching off the power? Yes, at this point where the new blade and the blade guards have been installed, you can now switch the power back on.


Bottom Line

You do not have to be a professional to be able to change table saw blades. You only need to get the relevant materials needed, follow to the letter every one of the steps provided above and most importantly, ensure that you are protected.